Submitting An Application

With BlueShore Pacifica, you have two excellent alternative lending options. Our lending team provides you with quick approvals, best pricing for your clients and great service. Read below for the 3 simple steps to submitting an application for lending.

1. Application

Tell us what you were looking for in terms of loan amount and realistic pricing. Please include the following:

A. Application

B. Credit bureau

C. Purchase agreement (if a purchase)

D. Appraisal (if available)

E. Income documents

Please let us know if there are any credit issues or any special circumstances with your deal so we can assess your deal quickly and easily.

You can submit your application through either Filogix or Velocity and email the supporting documents to

2. Quote

If we can finance your deal, we will provide you with a quote from either BlueShore’s Non-Traditional portfolio or Pacifica Mortgage Investment Corporation.

Click here to see the current lending rates that are available.

3. Commitment and Funding

Once the mortgage terms are acceptable to your client, we will issue a commitment letter to you. Our funding team and lawyers work hard to make the funding process as simple and easy as possible. That means quick fundings for your client and you can move onto your next deal.

Income Documents

BlueShore Non-Traditional

For these loans, we look at income reasonability, story and exit strategy. To support your application, we will need the following:

• NOA’s

• Complete T1 Generals

• Financial statements if clients are self-employed with an incorporated company

We will also consider other factors such as:

• Financials – Retained Earnings

• Bank statements confirming personal assets/history of regular transfers from outside of the Country.


Pacifica does equity based lending, so minimal income documents are required. We require NOA’s for the file to confirm no personal taxes are owing. On the rare occasion, we may ask for income documents.

More Questions? Check out our FAQ section or contact one of our team members anytime.