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Our focus is providing simplified lending solutions to meet your client's needs.

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About Us

Brokers value flexibility and fast approvals. At BlueShore Pacifica Alternative Mortgage Centre, we satisfy that need by providing access to both the lending capabilities of BlueShore Financial's 'non-traditional' mortgage portfolio as well as those of Pacifica Mortgage Investment Corporation. With one application and one email, we offer two mortgage options

Ongoing regulatory changes and tightening credit guidelines have resulted in many finding it difficult secure conventional bank financing. With an increase in the need for larger mortgages, individuals such as self-employed entrepreneurs, new Canadians, and those with challenges demonstrating income are finding this a problem. BlueShore Pacifica Alternative Mortgage Centre presents a solution to this problem with our service, flexibility and speed.


We are a team of experienced mortgage experts that understand local market conditions and the business needs of the mortgage broker community.


We provide better access to alternative mortgage products and other non-conventional bank financing, for clients with specific challenges.


Our application process is extremely simple, one application, one email submission - two alternative mortgage options.

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